Trial lesson - Babyrythmics in Vejle (January)

Nicolas KS. Nicolas KS.
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This course is in English and is for parents not speaking danish!

When you sing and dance with your child, it creates a unique contact between mother/father and the child, which is centered around presence, music and singing. The lessons will consist og movement, different instruments, singing, dancing and playing to support the child's natural musicality and its senses which are foundational for getting a good motor function.

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Research suggests that if children cultivate their musical interests at an early age they will fare better in different fields, eg. language learning and learning in general, and they will gather social competences which peers, who have not been stimulated in a musical way, do not seem to have.

Everyone can join baby rhythmics and through both well-known and lesser known songs the participants will get an idea of how music can become a part of every day life - Both in the car, the dressing table, in the playground, at bedtime and so on.

The lessons will take place in a safe learning environment with room for peace and togetherness and it is always on the children’s conditions. There is of course also time for a diaper change, nursing or taking a break if the child is over stimulated.

Come along with your child or bring the entire group of mothers for a cozy, musical time.
To avoid it getting too cramped, it is only possible for one parent per child to attend the group.

IMPORTANT: Check dates thouroughly - some weeks are without lessons

Ages 3-12 months

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september 2016
Nicolas er uddannet kandidat fra konservatoriet og er en af de få i norden som har en musikuddannelse på drejelire. Han har optrådt og undervist både ...
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