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Musikproduktion, Sang, Rytmisk sang, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Violin
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Om Judith Parts

About Judith
Judith Parts is a singer, violin player, composer and a music producer from Estonia based in Copenhagen. She started singing early in her childhood in the Estonian TV Girls’ Choir and has been involved with the world of music ever since. She studied classical violin from the age of 7–19.
She has a bachelor's degree in sound engineering from the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and a master's degree in Music Creation from the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium.
Judith has worked as a music creator for theater and dance performances, art installations and videos. She has taught singing and the violin for both children and adults and has also been a vocal coach for professional actors.

Singing lessons:
Judith gives singing lessons for people in all ages, both professional and amateurs. The lessons will always be formed around the students needs and personal interests. Through self expression, improvisation and different exercises the lessons will help the student find their personal voice.

Music production:
Music production lessons will be formed very much around the interests of the student. The lessons can focus on producing, recording or mixing. But also in creativity in music in general. How can you use technology to express yourself and find your own ways of working with it. The programs used in the lessons are Pro Tools and/or Ableton Live.

The violin lessons are based around the students wishes. Maybe you want to learn the basics? Maybe you already have the basics, but would like to start improvising? Maybe you want to find your own way of having a relationship with this beautiful instrument?
Lessons are suitable for both children and adults. It is never too late to learn the violin if it's your dream.

The aim of the first lesson will be to make an individual study plan according to the students needs and interests.

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Fra 202,50 DKK / 30 min.

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