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Om Albin

My name is Albin Axelsson and I am a classical pianist from Sweden. I have performed as soloist with symphony orchestra several times and participated and won prizes in international piano competitions. I am currently studying at the masters program at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium and am looking for some students. I graduated in 2022 from the bachelors program at Ingesund School of Music. Additionally I have attended masterclasses with world renowned pianists from around the world.


What to expect as a student
I can help you with the classical repertoire from all different eras. I expect you to be able to read sheet music and to have some prior experience playing classical music. I can teach in Swedish and English

My greatest strength is my knowledge in how to develop piano technique. I have a clear understanding of how the body works in piano playing, movement patterns and how to play in a natural way without tension. I also have exercises for the various principles and I can work towards developing a solid technique in the long term.

Teaching experience
I started teaching my first students when I was 15 years old. One of my former students got admitted to precollege, a one year preparatory course to conservatory at Ingesund school of music in Sweden. I have also conducted masterclass online with students from Aarvi music studio in India. I have done lectures about piano technique to my collegues at the Royal Conservatory of Music and I believe I can teach this on a very high level.

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Gennemsnitlig svartid 10 t. og 52 min.

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