Amit Z.

Underviser i guitar, klaver, keyboard, bas, cubase, pro tools, logic, ableton live, musical, musikproduktion, musikteori, elektronisk musikproduktion, mixning, mix, mastering
Fra 303,20 DKK / 45 min.

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9000 Aalborg

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Fra 303,20 DKK / 45 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner

Om Amit Z.

Hello, Im Amit Zangi
I'm a professional guitar player and I have been playing as a musician for over 15 years. I have been teaching more than 10 years (from kids to adults, and all levels).

I have my home studio for private lessons for:
- guitar (classical, acoustic, electric)
- piano and keyboards
- music theory
- ear training
- audio and sound productions
- music productions
- audio mixing and making your home studio (gears, software, daws, acoustics, etc.) can be fit for all kinds of musicians.

About the lessons
The lessons are suitable for any age and any skill level!
I am versed in many styles and genres like rock, metal, prog, fusion, blues, country, fingerpicking, funk, jazz, and more.

In the lessons, I'm focusing on student skills and targets. Then, I'm building a unique program for him that includes - improvisations, ear training, music theory, tab reading and writing, how to listen, explore your style and creativity, get the sound that you like, and many more.

Audio, production, recording and mixing
For the audio, production, recording, and mixing lessons, I will give the student tools and knowledge about his workflow and style, match his existing or future gear and skills, and use and get the best from that .

Also, I'm focusing on technics, making an experience in the studio with microphones and recording, listening, audio and sound theory, Daws, audio hardware, acoustics, and more.

The student will be guided to create his unique workflow, studio, creativity, and many more.

I'm specialized in Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Cubase and have experience with Ableton Live, Studio One, and Harisson MixBuss, which will teach those in the lessons.

I am also repairing guitars, complete setup, maintenance, electronics and hardware fixing / change / upgrade, and other musical instruments, audio gear, and studio hardware!

You can check my YouTube Channel as well -


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