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Underviser i guitar, musikteori
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Fra 202,50 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner

Svarer normalt indenfor 3 t. og 30 min.

Om Can O.

I have more than 22 years of experience in teaching electric/acoustic/classic guitar to more than thousand students with various international
and multicultural backgrounds. I believe that this level of experience is a major asset for my students. Furthermore, I
continuously improve and adjust my teaching techniques and styles. Making polyphonic arrangements of songs,
making students play in a group, using technological facilities like loop station and music software, introducing and
teaching the classics of guitar in various genres, adapting guitar to game and movie soundtracks, and sharing students’
good performances on social media are some of the means that I used for motivating students. I also teach
improvisation in advance level. Ultimately, I aim to introduce guitar music to more students and make this a long-lasting part of their lives.
Secondly, being a multi-instrumentalist musician and having a musical vision that connects classic, rock, jazz, and
traditional Turkish music provides me a great advantage. I use this asset to broaden students’ musical perspectives.
For instance, making Metallica arrangements with classic guitar and Turkish folk music arrangements with electric
guitar have been part of my tutoring.
Thirdly, based on my English tutoring experience with French and American students, and experience with a
visually impaired student and with students in the age group 3-67 from various social backgrounds, I am certain that
I have excellent communication skills as a tutor.

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Oprettet den 13/04/22
Justin E.
Can's knowledge and passion for music are quite evident when you meet him. In my first lesson he quickly assessed my playing and came up with a training regime. He even made adjustments to my guitar. I look forward to my lessons and highly recommend him.
Svar fra Can O. - 10/05/2022
Practice is the key and you do it very well Justin. I look forward to play on the same stage together.


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