Domenico M.

Underviser i sangskrivning, komposition, musikproduktion
Fra 168,75 DKK / 30 min.

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Svarer normalt indenfor 0 t. og 16 min.


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8000 Aarhus C

Fra 168,75 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner

Svarer normalt indenfor 0 t. og 16 min.

Om Domenico M.

Hello!! My name is Domenico Mannelli, I am an Italian musician, composer, arranger and songwriter living in Aarhus. I am 42 years old and I have recently completed a master in “Rhythmic Composition” at Det Jysk Musikkonservatorium.
I offer teaching of in Songwriting, composition and music production.

Songwriting/melody writing
In the Songwriting/melody writing classes we analyze famous songs, highlighting artistic aspects of the song form and the practice of writing melodies. Moreover I will propose you some creative exercises to train your creativity. I have an intuitive and not very theoretical approach and you can follow my lessons even if you are not a very good pianist, guitarist or singer. It is necessary to know how to play some chords.
Lessons can be individual or collective (create small songwriting workshops). A path if you just approach the writing of songs or if you want improve your way of writing songs and melodies.

Music production/arrangement
In Music Production/arrangement classes, I will help you develop your musical ideas using the computer (I mostly use Cubase but you can use any software you like). We will see how to set up the production work of a song or instrumental piece by adding other instruments, recording or using sound libraries and finally mixing your track. Starting from a simple idea I will guide you in the realization of your music with creativity and imagination.

Alongside songwriting and music production, I offered more advanced classes about orchestration and composition.

My way of teaching
My way of teaching is based on my personal artistic practice. I will also show you how I made some of my works and the artistic process I used to make them. In this way we will always try to have concrete examples and little theory.

About my self
For the past 10 years my work has mainly been writing music for theater. I moved in Denmark in 2014 and I lived for 5 years in Holstebro, where I worked as a composer, musician and actor with an international theater company.
Beside that I started working with music production when I was young using the computer. I self-produced and released two Eps, "Medicine Sound", an album of experimental songs and "Birds on the snow", a small electro-acoustic instrumental music work.
I can call myself an across genre composer, between pop/rock, electronic, classical and jazz music.
I have experience with team and solo teaching at practice and beginner level, in the age group 16-25 years.

I don't speak a good Danish so I prefer teach in English.

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