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Om Elza

A Professional jazz/classical pianist is giving lessons in piano playing, improvisation, composition, arranging. Lessons are for all ages, and levels, but basic music knowledge would be optional.

About Elza
Elza has studied Jazz Piano in Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. She has a Master's degree in Jazz piano, band leading, composition and arranging. She has taken masterclasses in several different places over all Europe, and private lessons with jazz musicians from USA and Europe. She has been finalist/award winner at several jazz contests, and right now she is writing music and touring with different bands in Europe. In 2021 her album 'Lick Attack' was nominated for Jazz Album of The Year in Latvia.

A lot of experience
Elza has studied many years and learned how to teach the knowledge to others. Elza has developed a masterclass on how to play within the Jazz Piano Trio, which includes Jazz Piano improvisation and comping techniques from historical and modern perspective. She is very open about teaching several things such as jazz piano and improvisation, classical piano, how to compose, and how to arrange songs for different band settings. She is also very good at ear training, which can be a helpful tool for preparing for entrance exams in music schools/universities.

An individual approach for every student
Elzas teaching is based on defining what one wants to achieve in his or her personal playing and make a step-by-step plan on how to make it happen. It is also very important to have an individual approach for every student for achieving one's goal. Depending on the level, she can help with very various things, and  can always switch directions of the playing and have fun every lesson.

She prefers students who have basic knowledge of notes, sight-reading and major/minor meaning, but she can also teach students without previous knowledge. It is just gonna take time and patience.

Lessons are held in English at her place, students place or online.

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Det starter som regel her:

Gennemsnitlig svartid 14 t. og 46 min.

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