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Om Flóra Acosta

About Flóra
Flóra Acosta is a clarinet and musical language teacher with more than 4 years of experience in different countries of Europe. Flóra's main objective as a teacher is to make the students know and love the clarinet and classical music. The students are learning to play studies and small pieces as soon as possible so that they can be motivated and enjoy the instrument.

First lesson
In the first classes Flóra usually focus a lot on breathing and suggest some exercises that can help to correctly understand the breathing technique. She will talk about the position of the mouth and we start very soon with the reading of notes.

Flóra assures you that with this method in a short time you will learn to play some pieces, and so you can express your feelings through this wonderful instrument called clarinet.


Fra 202,50 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.

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Anbefalinger af Flóra Acosta

5 (2)

Filippa P. F.

Oprettet den 11/10/20

Flóra’s clarinet lessons are the perfect balance between enthusiasm and fun but also serious and very effektive. As a beginner i would definitely recommend her.

Fiona W.

Oprettet den 04/03/20

Patient, enthusiastic and fun. Her enthusiasm for the clarinet is infectious. Can't recommend her highly enough.

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