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Om Glen

I could be the right tutor for you if you appreciate a personalised and dedicated approach to your learning the guitar and sharing a passion for music. No matter the age or experience - we look for an approach to learning that can be fun, challenging and focused on the your interests. You are welcome to choose your own material or take guidance in your choices. Together we look for expressiveness, improving technical abilities and fun.
To get the most out my teaching I normally recommend lessons once a week or twice a week for more individual players as well as regular practice at home. Students who prefer less frequent but longer lessons are also welcome.

How do I get started with a new student?
Together we start by jamming or playing songs and talking about your musical interests as well as what you might wish to learn. It's all right if you don't know what you would like to learn, we can figure it out together and make a basic plan for the upcoming lessons. We want to hit it off on the right note to make the learning process fun and beneficial for you.
Along the way we can make adjustments to the plan to make sure that we are on track and that the material is right for you or we can take more free-form approach to the lesson plan. It is highly recommended to bring your own instrument to make sure you're comfortable and feeling at home but an instrument can also be provided.

My experience as a teacher
I have been regularly teaching for the past 5 years: teenagers and adults who wish to play the guitar as a hobby as well as aspiring players who enjoy a bit more of a challenge. I have also organised workshops focusing on creativity and playing together with other musicians in a fun and playful format.
I teach beginners and intermediate students as well as group sessions.

My Professional Background
I have been playing music as long as I can remember and have played in jazz groups, rock and funk bands since I was a kid. I have also studied Classical composition and arranging for strings and cinematic renditions. Apart from working as a teacher I make a living performing music and leading musical projects in Denmark as well as internationally. Aspiring students benefit a lot from experience and lessons I learned from working in a variety of projects.

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