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Om Karolina S.

Hello everyone!
My name is Karolina and I'm a vocal teacher and professional opera singer.
From childhood I was inspired by classical art and my musical journey began at the age of 7 in a piano class.
After Opera Master Singing Studies in Lithuania I was improving singing skills at the prestigious Mozarteum University (Austria).
In a personal and pedagogical training I learned about "healthy singing" - ''Inhalare la voce'' Italian technique which I'm using with very beginners and advanced singers and not only for classical singing, but also for popular songs and ballads.

Undervisning i sang
Singing lessons include: Warm up - voice training - exercises - breath control - singing technique - sound attack- song study - interpretation - pronunciation - musical expression - repertoire.

My teaching is based on classical singing technique which helps to make the voice stronger with way more possibilities to be able to sing your favorite songs.

Første lektion
In the first lesson I explain about my teaching methods, I check your voice and we set the plan according to your wishes.

Fra 202,50 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.


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Fra 202,50 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.

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