Luke J.

Luke J.

Luke J.

Om Luke J.

Luke is a dedicated and enthusiastic piano teacher with 10 years of teaching experience in both private studio and music school settings.
After a classical piano education, he studied a Bachelor of Contemporary music (keyboard major) at Southern Cross University in Australia, which specialised in stage performance, songwriting, jazz improvisation and music production.

Luke has taught all ages, levels and genres. Whether you are aiming to excel at classical piano examinations, learn the aural and rhythmic skills needed for contemporary pop/ rock piano, or the creative insight for songwriting and composition, Luke has got you covered.

He is an accomplished pianist, professional accompanist and an experienced stage performer.
He is motivated by helping students find what they truly want out of music, and setting them on the path to achieve it.

Classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, composition.

First lesson
Luke will talk with every new student to establish a clear idea of their level, preferred style/s of music, and their musical goals (both short and long term). He will then work with the student to develop a focused lesson plan that is educational and enjoyable.

For beginners, Luke likes to teach the new students a simple song in the first lesson. it could be anything - a nursury rhyme, tv or movie theme song, happy birthday tune etc. For young beginners this usually instills a love and excitement for music that will continue for many years.

Luke teaches in English only.


Fra 200,00 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.

Underviser i:

Klaver, Komposition




Begynder / Let øvet / Øvet / Avanceret


Teenagere / Voksne / Seniorer

Det starter som regel her:

Gennemsnitlig svartid 12 t. og 20 min.


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Mindst 75% af underviserens elever, tager mere end 5 lektioner.

Det starter som regel her:

Gennemsnitlig svartid 12 t. og 20 min.

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