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Slagtøj, Vibrafon, Marimba, Klaver, Trommer
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Om Marta S.


I am a musician and percussionist based in Copenhagen.
In 2021 I had my debut concert as Soloist from Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium.

Since the very young age of eleven, I have been dedicating my studies and life to music, specialising in percussion instruments and piano.

I am collaborating with various ensembles around Europe and different orchestras in Denmark and Italy (The Danish Radio Orchestra, Dat Kgl. Kapel, Santa Ceclia orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, …).
My true passion are classical and contemporary music, to which I have dedicated most of my studies in the past years, but I am very fond of every musical genre and always open to expand my interests.


My lessons are open to students of all ages and levels; I love to work with both kids, teenagers or adults, beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians.
Being so wide the range of possibilities offered by the world of percussion instruments, I believe every one can and should be led to find his/her true voice in it.
When teaching I love to get to know my students, to teach them everything that there is to know about percussion, but always trying to second their natural musical inclinations, to develop their creativity and expressiveness.
I always hope to encourage within my students a very deep commitment to their instruments and the practice of music.

Lessons will be structured differently according to the individual, his age and goals, but keeping in mind these targets:

Building a solid technical basis on mallet instruments (marimba, vibraphone with 2/4 mallets) and drums.
Reaching a good knowledge of solfége and rhythms.
Approaching the percussion repertoire in its variety.
Developing the students’ expressiveness and ability to understand and interpret music.
Basic technique on every other percussion instrument (congas, bongos, orchestral percussion,…)

According to the student’s interests, I am also happy to give basic piano lessons.
I think knowing how to play piano can widen one’s approach to music.

Lessons are preferably taught in English (or Italian).

Fra 202,40 DKK / 30 min.

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Fra 202,40 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.

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