Michal K.

Certificeret underviser i Harmonika

Certificeret underviser i Harmonika

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5000 Odense C

Om Michal K.

Michal was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He’s been playing the accordion since he was 5 years old. He studied the elementary music school, the conservatory and now he is a student of The Danish National Academy of Music (Syddansk Musikkonservatorium) in Odense. He plays a keyboard accordion, V-Accordion (Roland) and now he’s focusing to the button accordion with C system. He participated many competitions (Europe, USA) and is an active soloist and chamber player on many concerts.
Michal has lots of experiences with teaching small children and adults as well. He builds the structure of the lesson with the students (music genre, level of playing, goals,...). The lessons are really productive and you as a student will feel how you grow up. Each lesson is focused on specific problem which student struggles with (technical problem, problem with stress, how to practice in right way,...).

Teaching the accordion and harmonika
Michal plays and teaches the accordion and harmonika. He is used to teach player from beginners, intermediate up to advanced players as well. He can teach from the absolute begging or focused on only one part of playing (genre, technique of left hand,...). You are the person who will decide what we will do during the lesson.

On the lessons is usually taught:
- reading the notes
- orientation in G and F clef
- orientation in different notations
- coordination the bellows
- techniques of the left hand, right hand and bellows
- playing in chords and reading the chord symbols
- improvisation and playing by ears
- how to play the accompaniment
- brugsharmonika
- playing different genres
- how to make the right fingering
- how to work with our psychology during the practicing and playing for public - how to sing when we play
- special needs of the student 

Taught genres
Michal studies the classical music, because it brings him a big variety and better techniques skills. But he is also used playing French chansons, folk, pop, Jewish music, Argentinean tangos, jazz,.. He is a member of the Check Accordion Trio, they play different genre styles on three accordions (the most popular is Techno). Michal is open to every genres.

The first lesson
Firstly, Michal would like to speak with the student and together find the best way of the next lessons. At the first lesson he would like also to hear a short piece, if student wants.

The beginners
Michal will help to choose the right direction, new instrument, scores,...

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