Om Sebastian

Music is one of my biggest passions in my life and I want to have the
the pleasure of sharing it with you. Having over 7 years of
experience, I have performed in many international/national
competitions, concerts, exams and various places such as
hospitals, restaurants, museums, television, etc. Finishing my bachelor's degree at the Jutland Conservatory of Music and studying for a master pedagogical degree in education, I am willing to teach music and guitar to those who are willing to learn. I specialize in classical music, but I can also teach rhytmic music such as blues, jazz, rock, etc. The most important thing for me is that the student finds his own unique way on the instrument, expresses himself and has fun. If that sounds good to you, I look forward to working together :)


Fra 202,40 DKK / 30 min.

Ved køb af klippekort til 20 lektioner.

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