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Om Zsofia

--- ENGLISH --- (Deutsch ist unten)

Hi! I am Zsófia (Sofia). I completed my studies as a violin and viola teacher in Hungary, as well as courses in classical music throughout Europe. I have four years of experience in teaching, ages 6-40, from newcomers to conservatory level, including online lessons. Further, I also worked as a professional viola and violin player in various Hungarian and international orchestras.

What I offer to my students in general:
⦁ Reading staff notation (sheet music)
⦁ Structure and interpretation of rhythm
⦁ Violin and viola techniques: bow handling and tone color; finger placement and pitch production
⦁ Development of musical hearing and intonation
⦁ Cooperation with other musicians , starting with the teacher: chamber music, playing in a symphony orchestra, and session music. Friends and/or family members are welcome to join.
⦁ On request: music education according to the Kodály method

I teach musical pieces that match your preferences and skill level. Examples:
⦁ Beginner level: children's songs and easier pieces by classical composers
⦁ Intermediate level: technical practice, études, scales, triads; single-movement opuses
⦁ Advanced level: complete 3 / 4-movement concertos, sonatas, as well as pop music, film scores and fusion genres

It is really important for me that students gain new experiences and knowledge every time we meet. I hold courses both online and in person in English and German. Danish is coming soon, too! Please bring your own instrument. I am looking forward to meeting you.

--- DEUTSCH ---

Hallo! Ich heiße Zsófia (Sofia). Ich habe meine Abschluss als Bratsche- und Geinelehrerin in Ungarn gemacht und ich habe an klassischen Musikkursen in ganz Europa teilgenommen. Ich habe 4 Jahre Unterrichtserfahrung vom Anfänger bis zum Fortgeschrittenen von 6 bis 40 Jahren, außerdem habe ich auch Online-Kurse gehalten. Ich habe als Musikerin (Geigerin, Bratschistin) in ungarischen und internationalen Sinfonieorchester auch gearbeitet.

Was ich meinen Studierenden allgemein anbiete:
⦁ Noten lesen
⦁ Struktur und Interpretation des Rhythmus
⦁ Geigen- und Bratschentechniken
⦁ Entwicklung des musikalischen Gehörs und der Intonation
⦁ Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Musiker...

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